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Trash Talk

By | Sustainability | 2 Comments

Above image from http://gazasia.com/biogas-source/landfill-sites-2/ This morning, I grabbed a coffee from a great local shop. After finishing the last drop, I went to dispose of the cup. Just before tossing it, I noticed the label on the clear plastic read compostable and I thought, maybe the best place to dispose of this is not the recycling…

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Food Miles

By | Farming, Food for thought, Sustainability | No Comments

Every Friday, I make a big produce order from Veritable Vegetable, an organic produce company out of California that shares our values for social change and sustainability.  We buy mostly from them when we can’t find something locally.  (And our seasonal shift to locally grown produce is already underway.)   The semi-truck arrives…

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Glass vs. Plastic

By | Re-use, Sustainability | One Comment

Each Tuesday morning, I often wake up to the sound of glass being dumped into the City’s recycling truck on the curb near my house.    With all the talk lately about changes to the City’s curbside recycling program, we thought it might be a good time to address the question that keeps us…

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This just in: from where?

By | Health and Nutrition | No Comments

I’ve been spending a lot of time at our new location inside Collected Works Bookstore, surrounded by information.  I love the convenience of Amazon as much as the next guy, but there is something remarkable to being around so many books you can hold, smell, and browse in your hands.  All…

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Living wage

By | Dining, Food for thought, Sustainability | No Comments

Lately, the question we hear most is “When will you be open?” The answer is very soon – single digit soon! Sign up for updates here or watch for the big announcement this week on Facebook and Instagram. We’ve been busy assembling shelves to hold our just-arrived 12,000 glass bottles…

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