About Cleansing

Fasting or cleansing has always been a natural part of life. Humans aren’t the only animals that restrict food intake for periods of time–all animals fast during times of stress or illness, and sometimes just at the slightest uneasiness. At Verde, we believe cleansing should be a nutritious experience that complements your lifestyle and helps you meet your goals.

All of our juice and food is made with organic, fresh ingredients and designed to maximize the nutritional value of every sip or bite.

We cut out the inflammation-causing foods.  You will not find refined sugar, empty carbohydrates, preservatives, emulsifiers, trans fats, or dairy in any of Verde’s cleanse kits. We thoughtfully incorporate ingredients to help your liver filter toxins and to support your adrenal glands, which regulate stress hormones.


Reservation Required

Cleanse kits must be ordered at least 24 hours in advance, either in store or by phone (505.780.5151). Food-based cleanse kits are available Monday through Friday only and must be picked up daily each morning from our San Mateo location. Our juice-only cleanse kits have additional pick-up options for your convenience. Please discuss with our team when you make your reservation.


Signature Juice Cleanse

$50/day  V GF

Our Signature Juice Cleanse is made up of six carefully selected bottles of our cold-pressed juice blends. Our juice cleanse is unique because it is high in both fiber and protein, lowering the glycemic index of the juice and preventing the sugar spikes associated with other green juices.

Each day includes six Signature Juice Blends: Verde Almond Chai, Apple Cleanse, Green Goddess, Maple Lemon Aid, Rainbow Blitz, Golden Milk

Be Well Cleanse

$52/day  V GF

Designed to support a healthy immune system and combat inflammation, the Be Well kit makes it easy to replace your regular diet with a completely clean and nutritious meal plan. Packed with anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, prebiotic and probiotic foods, this cleanse kit is an easy way to get back on track or experience your very first cleanse.

Each day includes: Chia Pudding, Immunity Shot, Apple Cleanse, Green Goddess, Curry Carrot Soup, Kimchi, Turmeric Broccoli Salad, Detox Salad, Golden Milk, a selection of Verde Hot Teas

Be Lean Cleanse

$43/day  V GF

With only 1,080 calories, the Be Lean kit packs plenty of protein and fiber. Our lighter meal plan is low-carb, low-glycemic, and contains enough nutrition to satisfy most of your daily needs.

Each day includes: Chia Pudding, Detox Shot, Apple Cleanse, Greens Pie with Cashew Tzatziki, Green Goddess, Immunity Shot, Detox Salad, a selection of Verde Hot Teas.

Juice Cleanse Lite

$43/day  V GF

This lighter version of our Signature Juice Cleanse is designed to be combined with other food or to be enjoyed by someone with a smaller appetite. Contains four juices, three wellness shots, and hot teas.

Each day includes: Verde Almond Chai, Detox Shot, Apple Cleanse, Endurance Shot, Green Goddess, Immunity Shot, Golden Milk, a selection of Verde Hot Teas.

Why Cleanse?

  • Kick off a weight-loss plan by replacing your traditional diet for a few days with only nutrient-dense, whole foods.
  • Eating less, but feeling more satiated causes most people to reflect on their unhealthy eating habits and leads to more conscientious eating.
  • Cutting out toxic foods, even for a short time, can lead to better sleep, increased ability to cope with stress, and more energy.
  • Enjoy the convenience of having a day’s worth of delicious nutrition you can feel good about at your fingertips.


What’s it like to do a Verde Cleanse?

A testimonial by Clara Geertz, LMT CPD
“I spent six months thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail, and believe it or not, one of the things I was looking forward to the most about coming back home was Verde. Living off of freeze-dried food for so long takes its toll, and because I’ve completed Verde’s cleanse so many times, I knew it was what I needed to boost my system.” Read more.




How many days should I cleanse?

It depends on the person and the type of cleanse. For a juice-only cleanse, we recommend three days as the drastic caloric reduction results in the most intense detox. Combining food with juice is generally less shocking to the metabolism and can be more easily sustained over a longer period.

How should I store my cleanse?

Verde Juice is raw and unpasteurized. As such, it has a short shelf life and must be kept refrigerated. Please be mindful of the expiration date on the lid. Our food is all made fresh and should also be kept refrigerated until you are ready to enjoy it. Suggested expiration dates are provided on all food items as well.

How do reservations work?

There are many components to our cleanse kits, some of which require a fair amount of advance preparation.  Sometimes, we will have all of the components in stock to accommodate a walk-in customer, but we cannot guarantee that all ingredients will be available without a 24-hour advance reservation.

Reservations can be made in person at either location, by phone to 505.780.5151 or by email to info@verdefood.com.

What days can I do a cleanse?

Juice-only kits are available 7 days a week, while Juice+Food kits are only available on weekdays.

We strongly encourage customers to only take two-days worth of juice at a time, so that the juice at the end of the cleanse is as fresh as the juice at the beginning.  For a 3-day juice cleanse, customers will usually pick up the first two coolers in the afternoon the day before they start their cleanse.  They usually return two days later to pick up one final cooler. Customers may also arrange a morning pick up.

Juice+Food kits should be picked up each day in the morning, to guarantee maximum freshness.

Can you make substitutions for allergies?

Our kits are designed thoughtfully to present balanced nutrition.  Substitutions are possible, but we cannot accommodate all dietary restrictions. Please ask our team for appropriate substitutions.

Can you combine cleanse kits?

Combining kits is recommended, especially if your goal is weight loss and you’re planning a longer cleanse. Discuss your goals with our team so we can create a plan that works for you!

Will it upset my stomach?

Any major and sudden changes to your diet can contribute to stomach irritation, including nausea, vomiting, constipation, diarrhea, or worsening of IBS symptoms. Expect to urinate frequently on a juice cleanse and don’t be surprised if you have looser or more frequent stools, or if beet juice affects the color.

Can I exercise while on a cleanse?

Absolutely.  Remember that you may be restricting your calories significantly, so you should adjust your work out accordingly.

What should I know to have a more successful cleanse?

Any cleanse can be an intense experience, especially if it is your first time. There are a few things you can do to make your cleanse more successful and enjoyable.

Have a realistic goal. Cleansing can be challenging so start easy your first time.

Plan ahead. Carve out a few days to focus on yourself without strenuous activity. You may experience a touch of fatigue or foggy brain as the body releases toxins.

Prepare for your cleanse by reducing toxins. Drink less caffeine, cut out dairy and especially avoid fatty foods for two days. End gently by following the same rules.

Drink lots of water. Our cold-pressed juice blends count as food. To stay hydrated, drink plenty of water or hot herbal tea.

If you still feel hungry, ask yourself why. Are you truly hungry or do you feel compelled to eat out of habit or ritual? The answers are sometimes very enlightening.

Listen to your body. Sometimes you need more calories and nutrition. You will not “ruin” the experience by adding a snack, but stick with organic, easily digested foods like plain quinoa or a small handful of sprouted nuts. Verde has several options to supplement your cleanse.

*Please consult your health care provider for any advice on medications or any other health issues before starting any diet or fitness program, including a juicing regimen. Major and sudden changes to your diet can contribute to stomach irritation, including nausea, vomiting, constipation, diarrhea, or worsening of IBS symptoms.

Please consult your health care provider for any advice on medications or any other health issues before starting any diet or fitness program, including a juicing regimen. Raw juice has not been pasteurized and therefore may contain harmful bacteria that can cause serious illness in children, the elderly and persons with weakened immune system.