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1.4 millions pounds and counting

Not too long ago, my 3 year caught a bug.  Not a beetle, not a grasshopper– He got sick.  After a day of rest, he was bouncing back.  When I asked him what food and drink his body was ready for, he said: “can we go to that special juice place I love?”


It’s hard to resist a suggestion to go to Verde, much less one from a wide-eyed kid with an awkward haircut.  So, off we went.  Upon entering, I acknowledged the square sticker to the right of the door:  “We Compost.”

I made that sticker, and seeing it here reminded me of yet another reason I love Verde.

At Verde, I get a nutritious drink and support a local business that supports other local businesses and cares for our planet.  Verde is a whole cycle of values in action…much like composting!

If you’re reading this, you probably already have a general idea of why composting is important.  But, do you know how truly transformative it can be?

  • Yes, composting reduces the amount of trash we create
  • Yes, composting makes farms more productive and drought-resistant
  • Yes, composting prevents gigatons of planet-warming methane from entering the atmosphere
  • Yes, (here’s the kicker!) research shows that applying a thin layer of compost, a single time, sets up an ongoing positive feedback loop that continues to bring more carbon into the soil.

Did you get all that?  Composting on a large scale prevents the release of greenhouse gases and sequesters gigatons of excess carbon from the atmosphere back to a place where it can be useful, our soil! 

Please contact me (juliana@reunityresources.com (505)629-0836) if your business would like to join our commercial composting program, or if you’d like to purchase our finished compost for your gardening, agricultural and landscaping applications.

We also hope you’ll join us June 4, 2016 at the Railyard Park for our first Reuse-apalooza, a carnival and event for all ages celebrating resourcefulness and resiliency.  Come play!

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