Cannabis as a COVID prevention strategy?

Cannabis as a COVID prevention strategy?

Though COVID-19 has been with us for nearly two years now, new studies are revealing more information every day about how to reduce your own risk. Perhaps you’ve heard the recent “buzz” that cannabis consumption may reduce your risk of contracting COVID-19?  Before you head to your local dispensary or reach for a CBD supplement, there is a lot more to this story.

According to a study published in Journal of Nature Products “Some of the compounds in cannabis may prevent the entry of the coronavirus into healthy human cells.” There are two cannabinoid acids found in hemp varietals of cannabis that have the potential to bind to the “spikes” of COVID-19, thus preventing the virus from entering our cells and causing infection.  Unfortunately, most edible or smokable cannabis products do not contain these particular compounds.

The two compounds identified in the study are CBDA and CBGA, the naturally occurring acidic precursors to CBD and CBG.  (Think of the relationship between beta carotene in fresh carrots and Vitamin A, which is most be extracted through a chemical process.)  Once a cannabis plant is heated either through smoking it or through chemical extraction, the bioavailable acid drops off of the CBDA molecule and you are left with just CBD, which not linked to the COVID-19 fighting properties.

While more research is still being done, we at Verde are ecstatic to learn something we already knew!  Fresh, cold-pressed hemp leaf juice (never heat treated) has spectacular nutritional and health promoting properties.  And because there is no THC present, there is no risk of getting high.

Hemp Leaf Juice is incredibly unique, nutritious and it is the only way to consume CBDA naturally (unless you mix fresh cannabis leaves to your salad!) The leaves of the hemp plant are full of iron, zinc, potassium, magnesium, fiber and phosphorus, much like superfoods spinach and kale. They are full of powerful antioxidants and mood-impacting B vitamins. Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids are rich in hemp plants and at a healthy 1:3 ratio.

Verde’s NEW line Juice N’ Tea combines adaptogenic herbal teas with early harvest hemp juice and fruit for a delicious and functional treat that supports your body’s natural stress fighting hormones.  And it seems it may also have an added benefit of increasing your natural defenses against COVID.

We have four tasty flavors, each designed with a unique function in mind.

Cherry Moon Herbal Tea – Relaxation
Adaptogenic chamomile, part of the daisy family, brings a sunny calm to today’s tense minds, just as it has done for centuries.

Lemon Chill Herbal Tea – Inner Balance
Soothe your nervous system with adaptogenic lemon balm, mint’s citrusy stress-fighting cousin.

Holy Remedy Herbal Tea – Revitalizing Relief
Support a healthy stress response with adaptogenic holy basil, considered in Ayurveda to be “the queen of herbs” (good to know who’s in charge).

Forget Me Not Green Tea – Focus & Stamina
Adaptogenic ginkgo biloba, the oldest surviving tree species, combines its wisdom with green tea to fight brain drain and provide a low-caffeine energy boost.

Where to Buy?
Find our Juice N’ Tea on our website at, and at the following retail locations:
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