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You know when you walk into Verde, and that fresh, clean, brisk, smell hits you? You actually smell… health?  It’s a smell that’s alive. Verde staff in their neon green tee shirts are cold pressing juice from over 2500 pounds of fresh produce every week.   It’s no wonder that it’s invigorating to walk into their workshop (which I like to call the Apple Store of juices) each Wednesday to pick up your Blossom Bag.

Oh, wait, did I loose you? What’s a Blossom Bag? And what’s so special about Wednesdays?

I’ll let you in on a secret… Verde sources veggies from dozens of local farms in the New Mexico to make their nourishing juices, which would be no easy task, except for the fact that they purchase through Squash Blossom Local Food.  Squash Blossom builds relationships with small family farmers and helps them sell their products to Verde and some of your other favorite restaurants in Santa Fe. We are bridge builders. We help with everything from production planning (so farmers plant seeds for specific buyers) to logistic coordination (to get the food from farms to tables). We ensure the food safety and handle all marketing, sales, bookkeeping, and distribution. In short, we’ve created a stream-lined system that makes it easy to source ingredients with integrity.

And here’s the brilliant part, you too can shop through Squash Blossom. We have an online store that showcases 100% local food. That is: seasonal farm products, and a selection of specially curated locally-made food products. You can buy your weekly groceries simply, efficiently, and LOCALLY.

When you order through Squash Blossom every vegetable and piece of fruit is picked specifically for you. You’re eating it within 48 hours of harvest; this is fresher than you can get at any grocery store.  Fresh food tastes better, because it is better. Nutrient degradation happens in the time post-harvest, so the fresher the food, the more nutrients you are receiving. Your tongue can tell the difference. Read more about how fresh food has the maximum nutritional value in this UC Davis Publication.

Along with being more delicious and nutritious, eating local food strengthens our local economy. Specifically, when you shop with Squash Blossom, you are preserving the livelihoods of dozens of local farmers and supporting small independently-owned businesses.  To learn more about the economic impact of buying and eating locally, read this great report by the Union of Concerned Scientists.

Last but not least, Squash Blossom creates community. Read the stories of your local farmers and chefs in our blog, and learn exactly where and how your food was produced by clicking on each item in our shop. Just by eating beautiful food, you create the robust food system and community that makes Santa Fe so special.

So order your Blossom Bag today. There is neither commitment nor subscription necessary, and all orders are fully customizable. Orders must be placed by 3 pm each Sunday for pick-every Wednesday at Verde, during their hours of operation: 7:30 a.m.  – 5:30 p.m.

-Nina Yozell-Epstein, Squash Blossom Local Food Founder & CEO

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