Early Harvest Hemp Juice.

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Verde.® cold-presses early harvest hemp, in a similar method to juicing wheatgrass or kale. Our hemp farmers grow food and treat our hemp plants with the same care as fresh fruits and vegetables. Our fresh hemp leaves are refrigerated from field to factory, where they are juiced within hours for peak freshness.

We harvest our plants as soon as buds begin to form, which offers several advantages for hemp juice:

  • The flavor of early harvest hemp is distinctly less “musky”, with a hint of cannabis terpenes. For this same reason, discerning chefs prefer to work with young hemp plants and sprouts in salads.
  • There is no sticky sap-like residue that develops on mature flowers. While hemp resin is valued by some for its higher THC or used for CBD vaping, resin traps insects and dirt that can contaminate juice.
  • THC does not develop in cannabis plants before flowers form. Like hemp seeds, early harvest hemp juice is free of THC.


The primary cannabinoid in full-spectrum hemp juice is CBDA, but it is also rich in minor cannabinoids like CBGA, CBCA and CBNA. The “A” at the end stands for “acid”, which is the natural compound found in the raw plant.

CBDA is the precursor to CBD, much like beta-carotene is the precursor to Vitamin A. Extracting CBD from hemp plants involves chemical solvents to isolate and decarboxylate the more bio-available CBDA into an oil or distillate, concentrating CBD and boiling away the rest of the nutrients of the plant. CBD oil often contains residual solvents, many of which are known carcinogens like hexane and butane.

Certificate of Analysis

Verde’s hemp juice is cold-pressed in the strictest compliance with New Mexico regulations for hemp.  Please find Certificates of Analysis here!

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