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How much juice is too much juice?

All of our wonderful regular customers out there know that we’ve been quite busy here at Verde Juice.  We have had a handful of days that we’ve completely sold out and we are all working extra hard to keep up with demands.   Thank you all for your patience.  Soon, we hope to always have your favorite variety in our cooler.  In fact, curious about our top sellers?  Eastern Roots, Green Goddess, and Hydrating Sweetness top the charts.  Piña Verde is a close fourth.

As you can imagine, we’ve been wondering how much juice will be enough to meet our demands!?  And funny enough, we’ve been getting the same question in regards to individual consumption:  How much juice is too much juice?  How many bottles a day can I drink of this delicious stuff?

Although our bodies and activity levels differ, it is helpful to look at the FDA’s recommended daily intake, or RDI, for carbohydrates.  A healthy person should get about 55% of their calories from carbs (the more nutrient-dense, the better).  A 2,000 calorie diet requires around 300g of carbohydrates, 25g of which should be fiber.  And remember from Kelly’s sugar blog that not all carbs are created equal!

On average, a bottle of Verde Juice is about 35g of organic, nutrient-dense carbohydrates.  If you were just drinking our juice blends, that would mean over 8 bottles a day, which is way more juice than anyone wants to drink!  Plus, a ton of protein and fiber to lower the glycemic index and present a well-balanced nutrient profile.

Although I’m not a nutritionist, I’d say our 6-bottle cleanse program is just about right if you’d like to max out on Verde Juice for a couple of days and give your body a break from the less-than-ideal food we sometimes consume.  Or add a bottle or two to your regular diet to simply increase your veggie and fruit intake.

In other words, listen to your body, honor your juice cravings, and stop back in again soon.  We’ll help you explore how much Verde Juice is enough for you.  And we’ll get better at judging just how much juice is right for our inventory.

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  • Jane says:

    I’m on my third day of the juice cleanse and feel great! This is a wonderful way to get back on track. As an Integrative Health Coach, I believe juicing with high quality, organic juice blends, as you make, are a healthy way to up your nutrition game. I would recommend juice as a great way of adding micronutrients, minerals and enzymes to your diet, especially if you have been eating on the run, or fighting off a cold. I mentioned you in my blog today: http://radicalaging.com/?p=231 Hope you’ll check it out! Loving my juice! Thanks!

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