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Living wage

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We’ve been busy assembling shelves to hold our just-arrived 12,000 glass bottles and finishing inspections. We are almost ready to use our new kitchen space, and it got me thinking about food service workers.

We are disconnected from the people who grow our food. But it is also rare for us to see the faces of those who cook our food, even when they are just a few yards away.   We don’t see the sleepy eyes of the bakers who rise before sunrise, nor the tired faces of cooks who work late into the night.   Kitchen work is hard work. You’re on your feet for 10 hours or more, using your hands, and expected to work quickly and efficiently. Often there isn’t time for a break and at the end of the night, you realize you have yet again failed to drink enough water.

How much money would you want to be paid hourly to work in a kitchen? Sadly, the average pay in 2012 was $8.84 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. That’s hovering right around the poverty line for a single person. Imagine having other mouths to feed.

Being a sustainable business means more to us than just recycling and composting. At Verde Juice, we are proud to pay our employees the Santa Fe living wage and making sure their work environment supports their overall health, too. Stop by and ask for a tour, but don’t stay too long. We might ask you to sweep.


Find great reads about kitchen life here from Anthony Bourdain and Tracie McMillan.

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