Natural Seasonal Allergy Relief

June 8, 2020 Health and NutritionBy Kelly Egolf

Whether you’ve liked being home-bound during the pandemic or not, it has brought many of us tremendous allergy relief.  Now that it’s time to get out and about again, we are met with that familiar fine, yellow powder coating everything.  And the winds that spread it have also arrived.  Forecast:  runny nose, itchy, watery eyes, post nasal drip, and a brain fog that could turn Einstein into Mr. Bean.

Histamine is a natural chemical released by the body in response to a substance the immune system mistakenly believes is harmful.  To protect itself, the body releases histamine into the bloodstream, which causes capillaries to become more permeable.  The dilated blood vessels allow fluid to escape more easily, resulting in redness, swelling, runny nose, and extra mucus in the respiratory system.

Because histamine is a neurotransmitter, it transmits messages to the brain through the spinal column over emphasizing nerve endings in the infected area that sense itch.  A little itching releases endorphins, so there is a brief sense of relief.  Too much itching, causes the release of more histamine and an itch-scratch cycle of doom.

Allergic brain fog, too, is caused by histamine.   Glucose, the primary energy source for brain tissue, is partially regulated by histamine which impacts thought and mood.  Histamine is also key to the sleep-wake cycle, or circadian rhythm.  The body produces histamine during the day, helping the body maintain a more wakeful state and that means the overproduction histamine can actually affect your nighttime Zzs.

One of the best natural antihistamines is flavonoid called quercetin, which reduces the release of histamine.  The best source of quercetin is capers, but they are unfortunately quite high in sodium.  Onions are great, too, but your co-workers might not appreciate your onion-heavy anti-allergy diet.  Some easier options high in quercetin include watercress, asparagus and apples.

The benefits of quercetin are increased when combined with Vitamin C and bromelain.  Vitamin C is another natural antihistamine and inflammatory and aids in the elimination of excess histamine from the body.  Bromelain is an enzyme in pineapple that stimulates the production of antihistamine prostaglandins.

Wondering how Verde Juice fits in with Mr. Bean, capers, and allergy relief?  Our extremely powerful allergy shot is back now, loaded with quercetin-packed greens and adaptogenic herbs.  These little 2oz shooters may help you find some relief from allergy symptoms without the onion breath.

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