FAQs. it’s not easy being green…but in the end it’s worth it.

Is It Organic?

Yes. Verde buys from organic growers and vendors that sell certified organic produce, but we feel that organic certification isn’t good enough. We actively seek out partnerships with local and sustainable growers, who hold themselves to higher standards like conserving water resources, treating workers fairly, and using only ecologically sound farming practices. Verde Juice is not certified organic, however each farmer and vendor we work with is certified organic – it’s all part of that no compromise motto that we live by!

Why does our hemp juice not have CBD extract?

Hemp is an incredibly nutritious food source, used and enjoyed for millennia.  Most commonly known for its seeds, the hemp plant is also an excellent source of minerals like Magnesium, Manganese, Potassium and Zink.  Like kale juice, hemp juice is high in Vitamin K, and several other vitamins.

Hemp extract isolates CBD as a single chemical found in the hemp plant.  CBD is extracting using harsh solvents like hexane or butane, which can have a harmful affect to your lungs and ethanol extraction destroys the plant waxes and their health benefits.

We also never use hemp seed extract which contains zero CBD.

Why does verde use hemp juice?

We here at Verde Foods go to almost absurdist lengths to provide the most beneficial health driven beverages we can create. Our hemp juice contains 12 mg of CBD which contains over 180 different cannabinoids and terpenes creating what is known as the “entourage affect”. Together they promote the use of the anadamide or “bliss molecule” which can help promote and support a feeling of balance and wellbeing. 

 Additionally, by juicing fresh hemp plants, Verde is keeping intact all of the nutritious benefits found in hemp leaves.

What is HPP?

HPP stands for High Pressure Processing, the fastest growing method for preserving fresh food without the use of preservatives or heat. HPP maintains the nutritional value, color and taste of foods, but eliminates the harmful pathogens that cause food to spoil quickly without impacting many flavor compounds and vitamins such as A, D and C.
What Verde does to be a sustainable company?
We make every effort possible to be a zero waste company, composting our organic materials after extracting the juice. All ingredients for our juices and shots are bought from 100% organic farmers and suppliers. We buy our ingredients from local producers whenever possible. Our plastics used in our bottles are BPA free and biodegradable. We make sure we to pay our employees a fair and living wage and provide benefits at every level.
Is your packaging sustainable?
Yes. All of our bottles are BPA-free PET. Please recycle them!
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