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What is cold-pressed juice anyway?

By September 24, 2014Food for thought

I’m pretty impatient. Red lights, the Santa Fe Whole Foods© parking lot, and a long held plank pose make me antsy. And waiting in line for a juice to be made in one of those loud machines and poured into a plastic to go cup? Forget it.

Fortunately, none of us will have to wait for delicious juice here in Santa Fe any more. Verde Juice uses a hydraulic cold-press wonder of a machine, whose owner Kelly has fondly named Bess the Cold Press. Why do we choose cold pressed over other methods? Let us explain.

Raw juice made in a hydraulic cold-press never undergoes extreme conditions. It isn’t heated up, shredded by a high-speed blade, and air isn’t blasted through it. Heat and oxidation caused by other juicing methods kill live enzymes and destroy sensitive micronutrients, and we want to keep those alive and kickin’!

Cold-pressed juice is the only green juice that can be bottled and stored for 72 hours without preservatives. Every delicious bottle of our juice is packed with over two pounds worth of fresh produce. The nutrients, amino acids, minerals and live enzymes remain intact because of the gentle and slow methods only obtained with hydraulic cold-press. And the byproduct? Perfect for compost!

Verde’s cold pressed juice blends are nutritious, alive, and thank goodness: convenient. No more waiting.


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