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What it’s like to do a Verde Cleanse?

A Testimonial by Clara Geertz, LMT CPD

“I spent six months in 2016 thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail, and believe it or not, one of the things I was looking forward to the most about coming back home was Verde.  Living off of freeze-dried food for so long takes its toll, and because I’ve completed Verde’s cleanse so many times, I knew it was what I needed to boost my system.

Verde’s Juice Cleanse is tasty, convenient, and well-designedd, and I love that I can trust the ingredients to be all-organic.  I know I’m gaining valuable nutrition, and I really enjoy the ease of not needing to cook for 3-5 days.  All I need to do is stop by Verde every-other-day, where there will be a cooler of fresh juices ready and waiting for me.  Because I love how the juice cleanse makes me feel, you can imagine how excited I was to try one of Verde’s newly designed Juice + Food Cleanses.

So often, it is difficult to cleanse in the winter and early spring because the colder weather means we need more calories from fat, and crave warming foods.  That’s one reason Verde has released several different cleanse options in addition to the Signature Juice Cleanse.  The Be Well cleanse helped me to get over a cold, and now I’m literally living off of the Be Active cleanse.  These new cleanses combine Verde’s amazing juices with delicious salads, soups, and teas.

The convenience of picking up my food, freshly prepared and packaged so that I can bring it to work with me is an added bonus.  It’s an easy way to sustain a healthy eating habit!  In just one week I notice an incredible difference in my energy level, my digestion, and my overall health.  I highly recommend trying one of Verde’s new cleanses this season.  Your body will thank you.”

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