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What’s really in a bottle of Verde Juice?

When Kelly designed the Verde Juice logo with a period after the Verde, she meant it.   This article from the Huffington Post about the price of the average cold-pressed juice inspired us to write about what’s really in a bottle of Verde.  Huff Post focuses on the cost of the ingredients (Verde Juice has on average 2 lbs of organic produce in every bottle, by the way), but there’s so much more to making juice sustainably.

First off, I do my best to source our produce as responsibly as I can.  For example, our main winter fruit and vegetable supplier Veritable Vegetable supplies us with only organic produce from farmers committed to sustainable, certified organic practices. We’ve met with several local farmers to plan for the upcoming season, choosing to pay more for local produce when it’s available because it is fresher, tastier, and betters our local community.  We also have direct relationships with producers like Kauai Organic Farms in Hawaii who supplies us with our organic turmeric root and DuFreshne’s Sugar House in Williamsburg, MA for our organic maple syrup. Not only do they provide excellent products, it is also incredibly entertaining to work with people from other areas of the country.

We pay more to use glass bottles, which we reuse and then recycle. Besides, why would you put a nutritious, living juice in PLASTIC?   Instead of tossing our juice pulp into the city landfill, we pay extra for it to be collected and composted by a local nonprofit. Our water is filtered, and our cardboard is sorted by hand and recycled by the handsome man in the photo below, Bob Sarr.

Finally, our process uses the freshest ingredients possible.  Freshly ground spices, like cinnamon sticks, cost more by the pound to begin with, but then we add extra labor costs to grind them fresh every week.  If you’ve ever opened a mature coconut, you’ll appreciate the hard work that goes into whacking them open and prying out the meat.  For all that extra labor, we still pay more than the living wage because kitchen workers should be able to live off of a single paycheck like everyone else.

So why did Kelly insist on a period after Verde in her logo?  It’s because Verde is green in everything we do.  Period.

Bob Sarr


  • I LOVE your juice! And I was especially happy to hear that Veritable Vegetable of San Francisco is one of your produce sources. It is a great company who have always bought produce from the best of CA farmers who a true organic growers. Thank you for letting us know in your letter, and for working with VV!

  • Good to hear that one of America’s best chefs, Deborah Madison, loves Verde Juice! And I’m proud to say that Deborah lives in Northern New Mexico, just like me and Verde Juice.

  • Thank you –

    I love having VERDE available to me and Santa Fe – Thank you for bringing this to our city! Your company employs many people, is a pleasure to
    come in and get your amazing product (over 2#s of veg/fruit in the glass bottle), so easy to supplement one meal with this!
    I’M HOOKED! You are keeping me healthy! I recommend you daily!

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