Cut Labor Costs, Not Quality!
Our fresh squeezed citrus juices are never heat treated, so they retain all of their bright, focused acidity. Discerning bartenders and chefs are saving labor and food costs by switching from in-house juicing programs to HPP citrus juice without compromising on quality. 

We juice ugly fruit, purchased straight from the packing houses. This means farmers receive 100% of the value from a full harvest with no waste. Our food scrap is returned to the earth as nutrient-rich compost or as animal feed.
  • Save Money

    No labor costs.
    Always less expensive than
    squeezing your own juice.
  • Cold Pressed

    Never heat treated.
    Cold-pressure preserved.
    Tastes like you just squeezed it.
  • 120 Day Shelf Life

    4x longer shelf life than 
    flash-pasteurized juice.
    Half the space of whole fruit.

  • Less Prep Time

    More time with guests. 
    Less time squeezing fruit.
    Upsell with fresher juice.
  • No Waste

    No more spoiled juice.
    Consistent year-round pricing.
    Recyclable BPA-free.
  • All Natural

    Made with whole fresh fruit.
    Not from concentrate.
    No preservatives. 

No matter what juicing method, Verde. is always cheaper per ounce than in-house juicing.
Time The minutes it takes to juice one 40lbs case of limes, including set up, break down and cleaning time.
Labor The national average hourly pay for a bartender is $15.64/hr, plus payroll costs.  This makes the fully loaded labor cost about $20/hr.
Yield Citrus fruit pricing is volatile.  Seasonal price spikes drive the annual average cost of limes to $55/case.