Our Story


Nutrition is our Founding Principal.

Verde Juice opened in 2015 after founder Kelly Egolf healed herself on four months of liquid diet following major jaw surgery. The surgeon told Kelly to stock up on corn-syrup based nutrition shakes and to expect to spend six months in bed without any energy. Wired shut and released from the hospital, Kelly set to work customizing her own line of nutritional supplements. Juice wasn’t sustaining and smoothies were too thick or sugary. Through research on nutritional properties of whole foods and experimentation, she learned she could combine cold-pressed juice with leafy greens, seeds and nuts for maximum nutritional benefit. She recovered in a matter of weeks, not months, having created an entire line of delicious and nutritious organic juice blends and supplements.

In November, Verde Juice opened its first juice bar in Santa Fe on San Mateo after preselling 7,000 bottles of juice in a crowd funding campaign.


Verde Juice became Verde Food and expanded its menu to include grab and go salads, sandwiches and healthy organic treates.


Verde opened a second grab and go location on the Historic Plaza.


Verde Adaptogenic Wellness Shots become available at both locations. Later that year, Verde began selling wholesale to it’s first grocery store, the Los Alamos Community Cooperative.


Verde sold its Café to a new owner so they could shift their focus on wholesale distribution of Verde Juice to grocery stores.


Verde Juice was acquired by New Mexico Fresh Foods, LLC and later picked up by Whole Foods.


New Mexico Fresh Foods broke ground on a new 20,000 square foot refrigerated facility to keep up with demand for different types of beverages and fresh food products. New Mexico Fresh Food began offering both co-manufacturing and private label beverage production for other companies seeking to produce fresh, high quality products.


Verde enters the CBD market with with its new cold brewed tea and hemp juice line. Functional herbal teas are paired with cold pressed fruit and vegetable juice, including fresh whole-leaf hemp. Each 10oz bottles contains 12mg of full-spectrum CBD.